Track 6: These Small Hands

There’s a house in the distance.

I see it every day.

Bright red door and a dog that likes to lay.

I walked up one afternoon, and knocked with all my might.

Wasn’t ready for you, oh you were such a sight,

Yes it’s true.


Still stutter over every word, can never catch a break.

But something about your smile has got me trying every day.

And I would do, anything for you,

Oh it’s true. I love you.


I say with these small hands,

I’ll turn the world.

Just to hear you say,

What another beautiful day, with you.


There’s a boy working late at night,

Brings his family hope.

Living for much more than this he dreams through his telescope.

Looks out on the city, with a rooftop view says

One day I’ll get out of here, there’s nothing I can’t do.

Oh it’s true.


Still working every night,

Saving up those dreams,

Met a man who told him once “this world ain’t what it seems,

You’ve got to live each day, to help someone new.

Pick them up and show them how to be as good as you,

Yes you do. Oh it’s true.”


He says with these, small hands,

I’ll pick you up.

Just to hold your hand,

I’d do it all again, for you.