Track 7: On The Run

Yeah well I, sat my boy down one day.

Said, listen up good ‘cause I got something to say.

Said boy, your daddy how he loves you son.

That’s why he went and robbed that bank and now you know.

He’s on the run.


I always said, Boy you gotta get yourself an education.

Be a big city man gotta get yourself an occupation.

But this money of mine, it ain’t worth a dime.

And he cried ooooh.


So I walked, out the front door that day.

Ready to face, the consequences I’d pay.

With my .45 shining in the sun.

It’s glare cast upon an apathetic ton

Of unsuspecting lovers, and cheaters alike.

Oh, aiming for the moon I, shot with eyes, shut tight.


And so they screamed, Lord save us from this crazy hand.

Oh, someone call for help he’s,

He’s just shot a man.

And they cried, ooooh.


So with money in hand, and a hit out on me.

I kissed my wife goodbye and, told that son of mine “You best be strong.”

Heading straight for that sullen, setting sun.

My restless feet kicking up dirt, as they try to run.


I hope he says, “Lord my daddy what a tragic soul.

I miss him so much but he’s doing good, or so I’m told.

Life out here in the big ol’ city is something I wish he

Just wish he could have seen me living.”

And I cry ooooh.